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Hey Jen Ira’s wife here. Ira asked me to share this recipe with you all.

This recipe tends to be a repeat around our home! Its a go to when we are coaching our groups through the 30 day flip program.  My kids LOVE this, and it keeps us fueled through the morning up until lunch!
We are big fans of sweet potatoes around here…so give this a try and see if it’s something your kids might even enjoy;)

This is a recipe that I HIGHLY recommend that you prepare the night before, store it in a container in your fridge and make sure to double up on this recipe to enjoy it even for the next day or so.

You will need:

3 small-med sweet potatoes/yams
1/4 C olive oil or Coconut oil
2 tsp chili powder (omit if you don’t like spice)
sea salt

2-3 eggs (poached, fried, or scrambled)


Peel sweet potatoes, cut into thin 1 inch slices.
If you have a food processor add the sweet potato so its thinly chopped.

If you do NOT have a food processor, finish cutting the sweet potato into 1 inch thick slices.
Stack a few of the slices together and using a knife, cut into very thin slices, almost like miniature fries.

Heat your oil on LOW in a medium sized frying pan, add the hash and spices.
Mix to coat in oil.
Cover and cook on LOW for about 15-20 minutes. Occasionally stirring.

Top the hash off with 2-3 eggs (however you like to cook them) and for garnish(and extra healthy fats) add some avocado!!

Enjoy, Jen McNamara