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Back in Sept of 2014 after a couple tough seasons of adjustment for Jen (my wife) and I we decided a new season was coming and we would trust God and get to work. I finally gave up the consulting position that I had always talked about giving up and trusted that the gap would be filled with something I was more called to and passionate about. Providing for a family of 5 (now 6!!!) can be stressful but I knew I needed change.  I needed more time to focus on what I was passionate about, helping people change the course of their lives and recognize hidden potential.

Within a week of giving my notice we stumbled upon a 30 day challenge called the WHOLE 30 and it completely reset our habits and changed our relationship and knowledge regarding our lifelong food choices. Well as you can see from the picture Jen and I have a pile of jeans we can’t wear anymore.  We decided we needed to spread the word so we joined forces with Whole 30 and became nutritional partners authorized to distribute and coach people through the plan.

Jen and I understand what it is like to be in NEED of a reset button. We have walked through that sense of “something has got to give” mixed with I am not sure where to go from here. We understand how the stress of raising a family can result in unhealthy habits which tip your hormones in the wrong direction. This plan was the RESET we needed to help us SHIFT from one season in our lives to another. The results we got on our plan were largely due to the huge spiritual and mental shift that occurred as we started the plan.

pants not fitting ira

jen pants not fitting

This picture of me was taken before my 30 days were up, I was having a hard time finding jeans that were not too loose on my body. The before and after of Jen is what amazed us the most these were taken AFTER ONLY 14 days of being on the program. (Our Josiah was only 4 months old and still breast feeding) It was her picture posted to my facebook page that started this whole adventure.  We had text messages, phone calls, emails, and comments galore as people wanted to do what we were doing.  It was at that point we decided to join forces and start coaching others through the program.

We have now coached over 400 people through this plan. We have been so honored and blessed to hear about lives changing, cholesterol and blood pressure medications no longer needed, arthritis pain diminishing and disappearing, people’s mood and emotional health transforming, energy levels returning, sleep habits drastically improving and of people having to shop for a new wardrobe because nothing fits them anymore!

Even though participants in our past 30 day flips received the whole 74 page plan well over 50% of them have signed up for 2nd or third fourth and FIFTH rounds. WHY? It is simple we were designed to be in community, to journey change together. Having so many people repeat this plan with us made us realized how much community and support can ease burdens and propel people forward as well as how few people had the support they needed around them.  We now FULLY understand how valuable the coaching and online group is to the success of this plan.  This plan will help you get freedom from your warped relationship with food.  So many of our participants learn so much about themselves and their habits they want to repeat the process to dig in deeper and learn more to get them even further!

I have recently been so busy traveling for trainings and conferences that we had taken a little break from running WHOLE 30 groups.  But the text messages, emails, personal requests to run another group or friends referring friends has not stopped. So it is time, Jen and I are ready to coach another group of people through a WHOLE 30.

The referrals and requests keep coming because people know they don’t need another “diet” plan they need to reset their mindset.  This is not about the 30 days this is all about questioning your current habits and learning how they contribute to your overall health.  The danger most people encounter is running through the 30 days carrying some of the most self sabotaging and destructive “dieting” techniques they have accumulated across years of misinformed and misleading “weight loss” strategies.


  • You have been suffering with stubborn weight gain.
  • Your lack of energy has become a worry and a burden in your life.
  • You have chronic joint pain, skin blemishes, and bloating/discomfort.
  • You want the VICTORY of sticking to something for 30 days.
  • You no longer want to suffer the “low” blood sugar shakes with long breaks between meals.
  • You have an unhealthy relationship with food.
  • You are “alone” and NEED the support of a coach and a group to help healthy HABITS stick.
  • You are ready to do something about creating a different life for yourself.


Generally you are eating WHOLE foods that are closest to their original form in portions that will most likely surprise you and challenge your old diet portion sizes mentality. REAL food, nothing processed or manufactured for 30 days. These foods include animal proteins like chicken, beef, fish, poultry and eggs, a large varieties of fruits and vegetables from apples, grapes, and oranges to sweet potatoes, white potatoes, carrots and cauliflower.  Along with a good portion of healthy fats from nuts and seeds, avocados, coconuts, and healthy oils.  There are a few exceptions to these rules which will be clearly outlined and explained. The program is considered closest to “paleo”. Although we do not like to give things labels and since Jen and I have completed our very first WHOLE 30 we have made further adjustments to find the right fit for the healthiest us possible. It is really about eliminating problematic foods to give you PHYSIOLOGICAL relief by balancing your hormones.

After the 30 days you re-introduce foods and you get to decided which ones you want to keep partaking in and which ones have consequences you no longer want to encounter on a regular basis. SO really it is a choose your own way of eating plan beyond the 30 day mark. There will be NO added sugars artificial or real, grains, or dairy. Before I lose you, may I remind you of HOW fantastic my wife and I feel! As well you do not have to give up your coffee (well at least your two normal sized morning portions).  You will be amazed at the variety of recipes that are “allowed” Like beef chuck chili, Turkey meatballs on mashed potatoes with gravy, and curry chicken stir frys to name a few.  There are huge online resources that are linked to the plan when it comes to recipes. You will not go hungry, in fact you may be FULL for the first time in a long time. Jen and I  are amazed how at night we no longer feel the need to search through our fridge and cupboards for little treats. We also do not tire of participants amazement and how good and enjoyable the food they are consuming is.


The rules of the program are simply stated and outline for the 30 days. As long as you stay in the framework of the rules you get to choose your meals.  There is no meal plan that you have to follow. However if you want a step by step meal plan there is one outlined in the manual. There is a TON of recipes including Jen’s blog which includes our go to household recipes.  You will learn to cook meals that are simple and quick, but you are going to have to cook. We will be there for you as you venture into the kitchen and the group always provides tips and tricks to making awesome meals.  As the 30 days goes on you get really good at it! You learn time saving tips that will last well beyond your 30 day program.


Although there are some recommended supplements for healthy living and Jen and I have since found some supplements that are a big part of our families day to day,  there are NO required supplements, “meal replacements”, energy boosters, metabolism enhancers or prepackaged nothing on this plan.  We want to teach you the value and benefit of real food, supplements are a great addition once you get these other life skills in place. You will be buying real food from your grocery store, local butcher, and health food stores.  Jen and I through the course of the 30 days will address the supplements that have really been an amazing addition to our day to day healthy choices.


Organic although recommended is not required. There are suggestions on what items on your grocery list should get your attention first when it comes to purchasing organic. As well which foods are considered safer to buy conventional rather than organic. Look at the 30 days as EDUCATION, you will learn how to read labels like a boss, ask questions about where your food comes from and really increase your nutritional IQ.  The coaching through the 30 days will stay with you for a lifetime!



Although there are plans to come up with a vegan/vegetarian version, there is not one available yet.   Jen and I are still working on ironing out those details for ourselves.  We have been experimenting with some  ”all vegan meals” but still feel immature in this process to be able to be of a great support in this area.  This is not an eat all the meat you can plan.  This is a pick a good meat source and overdose on nutritional fruit/veggies and healthy fats kind of plan.


You are in perfect hands. Jen has both done the WHOLE 30 while pregnant and nursing. Jen exclusively nursed our youngest son Jaxon through her last WHOLE 30.  She has used the recommended tweaks to the program with great success.  Ultimately what is healthy with Mom is healthy with baby.


  • A spot in our private Facebook group for the duration of your program.
  • Daily updates, countdowns, inspiration and encouragement.  (past participants feedback has told us these daily check ins are what MADE the program)
  • Within the Facebook group Jen and I will be answering questions, posting relevant information, and tried and true recipes that satisfied us. You also get to sound off and communicate with other members who are walking through the same process with or have done so multiple times.
  • A 74 page booklet from our nutritional partner The Whole 30 that includes the 30 day nutritional program and an outline of healthy nutritional habits beyond the 30 days. (available as a downloadable PDF)
  • Coaching videos to encourage you, focus you, and help you troubleshoot as problems come up. We will be covering topics such as, long term strategies, portions sizes, frequent mistakes, time saving tips, planning ahead, answering your friends and families questions, changing your conventional thinking, the “why’s” behind the program, what to do after the program, what “detox” symptoms we struggled with, and a host of other topics.
  • As well as direction in navigated the plethora of online resources available to you for your 30 day plan.


After coaching hundreds of people through this plan since we started Jen and I are constantly hearing from people who are so thankful for the life changing encounters they had on their 30 day journey.  We have literally seen people lives change.  We chatted and decided this spring we want to get as many people to jump on board with us as possible and therefore are offering any NEW participants our drastically reduced repeat rate of $37 (CND) Our regular program rate is usually $97!!!!  So price is no longer a barrier.  We are excited to see where this springs 30 day flip will take people in the upcoming year.


30 Day Flip Superstar Nicola Devereux


30 Day Flip Superstar Nicola Devereux (1)


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We are also doing so at an amazing price with the goal being we want to help as many people as possible do away with their dieting mentality and understand the depths of how real, whole food can change everything.

STARTS APRIL 19th 2017

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