Honouring The Foundation


Last week in the early morning hours I went into the ‘kids bathroom’ (as we call it in our house) – only to find as I closed the door there was a ton of resistance as the bottom of the door rubbed up against the floor. Right away I panicked – as a couple other doors in the house had been shifting and becoming hard to shut – but nothing like this – this was some serious shifting. My head JUMPED right to the entire foundation of the house is completely out of whack.  It must be it’s past.  You see this house has been renovated and remodel but it once was a grow opt.  So here I am thinking years of the moisture or whatever it takes to make a house a grow opt has taken its toll.  Panic and worse case scenarios started to settle in. The foundations would have to be ripped up , newly completed work will have to get ruined -the anxiety, worst case scenario wheels were turning.

While I did not have time to deal with it right then, the seed of worry and anxiety was planted. Fuelled again later while at work when I received a text from my wife Jen “the kids did something to their bathroom door, it is so hard to shut”

My response “ugghhhh I know its bad I think the whole house is shifting. I will have to look and deal with it later.”

So later that evening down on my knees I discovered the issue. I retrieved a butter knife from the kitchen and slide it under the door to reveal a tiny piece of lego that had become wedge under it. BAM just like that the door opened and closed like butter. No faulty shifting foundation issues. A simple tiny piece of lego.  

2020 has SHIFTED the landscapes of our lives.

I do not know about you but it has caused a lot of doors that normally open and close easily to be met with some unexpected friction and when friction builds our reaction can be over the top electric frenzy.  We are not always cognizant of the swell of frustration building below the surface as we pile on the load of our shifting daily climate.  This often results in the seemingly simplest of things putting us over the edge. Making it particularly important in this season to take heed and be sensitive to the motives and thought patterns behind our reactions. Realizing we can easily let a small piece lego be our tipping point. The issue is not that we tip but the damage we can cause to our foundation when we do flip. We tend to take our shovel of frustration out on the very foundation we are standing on. The relationships with the people closest to us. It’s the quick, not thought out, harmful, harsh, biting, words with a spouse, our kids or a facebook friend. The emotions bubble over and the consequent reaction is a weakening and destruction of the very foundation of some of life most meaningful and impactful pillars, the relationships with the people around us.

This massive 2020 shift presents a powerful opportunity to become anchored with strengthening your foundation rather than chipping away destructively at it when things do not work like they should. To choose to recognize when our emotions are boiling over and step back, get down on our hands and knees are remove the small piece of lego and return to a place where we honour our foundation rather then destructively chip away at it.

It is so easy to make all the wrong, tedious, frustrating things in life an external problem and assign them a person or group to shoulder all the blame.  But as long as something remains external from you, you are living a viscous cycle of being a victim to it and a mere piece of lego can put you over the edge.  The change, shift, transformation we seek will always be an arms length away from us when we decide to forfeit or bypass ownership.

So when the LEGO gets stuck under the door today – choose to get down on your knees, see it for what it is and after taking a deep breathe instead of ripping apart the foundation – lean into it, honour it and hold the relationships in your life at a high regard. Equally when you encounter someone that is frustrated by the friction the day has presented them don’t take it personally, give them some understanding and grace.


 The culprit.


4 comments for “Honouring The Foundation

  1. Donna May
    5 December, 2020 at 1:37 pm

    This is so true Ira! You have such a way of putting life and ourselves in check. Thank you for sharing your experience, and words of wisdom on how to handle things and life in a more positive calming way! Great blog!!!

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    • cornerstonefitnesstv
      5 December, 2020 at 9:06 pm

      you are more the welcome Donna. Lessons sometimes hard learned – writing often helps me process my thoughts around things – it is therapeutic.

  2. Sherry Zwaagstra
    16 January, 2021 at 5:18 pm

    Saved this from the beginning of December and just read it now!
    So true. Love this! Good reminder as we go into 2021!

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    • cornerstonefitnesstv
      21 January, 2021 at 3:38 pm

      sometimes the “saved” post are read at just the right time