How I Can Help You Fail : #thetrainerpledge

the trainer pledge

I sometimes feel alone in my failure.

I look at all the success around me and I assume I am the only one slipping up in the same pitfalls.

Plagued by the lack of organization; the piles of well-intended but unfinished projects; the harsh words exchanged; the missed opportunities;   I can fill the page with my daily failures. Do not make me do it to prove a point. I am a failure.

You have heard of the saying “Failure Is Not An Option” Well actually it is an option. An option I choose daily.  Why? Because I am human, I am flawed, and despite the incredible amount of time I apply to bettering myself I still do not believe there will come a day on earth where I will arrive. I won’t ever be PERFECT.

The minute I set my foot to the ground “selfish intent” will be waiting.

Sigh…Some mornings before my feet even touch the ground I make the mistake of firing up my phone and scrolling through my social media news feed. Right there before my eyes have even fully opened and adjusted to the glaring light I am reminded of my failure.

Well intentioned #fitpirations (fitness inspirations) highlight my #fails

“You will get a lot more compliments for working out, then you will for sleeping in.”

“Obsessed is the word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.”

“Excuses are for people who do not want it bad enough”

“Unless you puke, faint, or die. Keep going.”

OUCH! The words that are in my head, right there in print, they must be true.  I did sleep in again, I am not working hard enough, I am lazy, so I might as well label myself “failure” and just throw in the towel and let all the “better” people claim their success.

Instead of these #fitspiration which I know are posted by trainers with the best intentions I am hoping we as fitness professionals will re-think them and the message they are sending.

This is #mytrainerpledge and I am hoping to inspire other fitness professionals to take it with me.

I will honour and respect the fact that I do not know your story or your current circumstances.

I will earn the right to have impact and influence in your life by showing that I care.

Just because I have navigated some fitness and health in my life it does not give me the right to barge into your life to tell you how it’s done and highlight all you have done wrong.

I will do my best to NOT point out your failures, because I believe you have gotten pretty good at that yourself.

I will help you see your untapped potential.

I will encourage you.

I will applaud your small steps.

Most of all I will sympathise with you, because I am a failure too.  I do not have it all figured out but what I am learning is to not let my failure shame me. To not let it hold me down. That my failure makes me no different than everyone around me, I am not alone.

We all fail daily.

We say inappropriate things.

We let our frustration out on the wrong people.

We make unwise choices.

We give into temptation.

We take the short cut.

We pretend we don’t see the person coming behind us because we don’t have time to hold the door.

We withhold.

We boast.

We give in.

We ignore.

We compete.

We put down.

We raise our voice.

Whatever failure you and I choose today it does not have to define us. We just have to choose daily to stand up to our failures and strive for more. To not allow the defeat that comes with failure to settle upon us. Together we can stand up, dust eachother off, receive forgiveness, and learn to be better failures. The truth is success does not mean we are free of failure. Success comes when we do not allowing our failure to dictate what we believe about ourselves.

We are forgiven.

We are free.

We are full of potential and possibility.

We thrive when surrounded by people who believe in us and are for us.

I pledge to do my best to call out what WE are for in your life, NOT point out what WE are against.

We can all learn to be better at failing. This is #mytrainerpledge.

1 comment for “How I Can Help You Fail : #thetrainerpledge

  1. 17 February, 2015 at 7:02 pm

    At times, it is hard to stand up and go and move forward and throw that punch in front of yourself. Yet, this is the only thing that really can and would keep us going. Surrounding myself with non-toxic people who at least can listen and hear me out does help. Those are rare friends.
    I guess, that knowing within my soul keeps me going. I do my best to stop and listen to it every day, every moment, without jumping to conclusions or making fast decisions.
    Motivation is great. Many ask this question, “How Can I Get Motivated and Keep on My Path?”
    A lot depends on the family, the environment overall in which a person grew up. Those are the seeds to help to get motivated when the going is tough.
    Thank you for a great post!

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