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When The Dream Is Hard

When the dream is hard. Remember… It is supposed to be. Passivity produces nothing worth writing home about. Remember… The view from the mountain top is in proportion to the terrain you were willing to transverse to get there. Remember….…

In Search Of Rock Flippers


As a kid I was once shown that you could find a spotted salamander under rocks at a pond near my home. The first time a friend found one I was amazed. I would spend hours flipping over rocks to find salamanders!

Flip nope,
maybe the next one is the “one”
…..flip….nope…keep flipping.

A whole day not a single salamander….did not stop me…

Guess where you found me the next day?

Flipping over more rocks. Guess what I eventually found?

I think the eagerness and wonder of being a child is easily lost in adulthood. We somewhere along the line decide to settle, play it safe, shrink our vision, and prescribe to a common way of doing things. We flip over a couple of rocks or even just sit back and witness others flipping rocks with less than desirable results so we default back to scepticism. We stop flipping over rocks and we congregate with others that have stopped flipping over rocks to support our decision to move out of CHILD like wonder and into “responsible” adulthood.

Last year this hard core sceptic started flipping over some rocks again.

I followed my heart and started a new wellness-prenuer adventure. Along the way I found some amazingly inspiring rock flippers. People that proved that as long as you kept flipping rocks you would find what you were looking for. Families that are home-schooling their kids as they travel the world. Single moms who figured out a way to quit their extra part time job and spend more time with their kids and be able to afford vacations. Lifetime rock flippers that are smiling ear to ear and whistling while they work long after they “should have retired” because they are having too much fun to stop!

I am running into a lot of people that have been curious about what I have been up to. The other day I found myself explaining it to somebody using this rock flipping analogy. I have basically been flipping rocks over looking for other child-like rock flippers who in turn join me as we multiply our efforts and treat life like the adventure it is.

Although the “start-up cost” is laughable it’s the worldly grip of scepticism that will rob most of their potential.

It is simple.

Those willing to let go of their grasp on scepticism and find others willing to do the same find the most spotted salamanders!

Scepticism can be overcome, one rock flip at a time.

If you feel me on this thought process I believe it would be in your best interest to connect with me and see if you can get in on one of my informative webinar about this year’s adventures; My heart’s desire is to add more rock flippers to the world. Anybody and everybody is welcome. As June closes and I look ahead I am leading our global team to new exciting heights culminating in an EPIC January 2019 celebration!!! The “best seats” go to those that show up first. Message me if you are ready to learn more and want a spot on a call sometime.

Sincerely, A converted sceptic excited about the future having the most FUN I have been having in a long time —> looking for the same!

Come On Let Me Love You : Taking Chances



6 years ago today we took a risk and followed a prompting in your hearts and moved across Canada to live life on the West Coast. Listening to God’s whispers has not disappointed us. The move has been hard but the lessons have been so fruitful. I recall contemplating the move in a raining car outside the grocery store and hearing a song by third day called Revelation.

“My life,
Has led me down the road that’s so uncertain
And now I am left alone and I am broken,
Trying to find my way,
Trying to find the faith that’s gone
This time,
I know that you are holding all the answers
I’m tired of losing hope and taking chances,
On roads that never seem,
To be the ones that bring me home
Give me a revelation,
Show me what to do
Cause I’ve been trying to find my way,
I haven’t got a clue
Tell me should I stay here,
Or do I need to move
Give me a revelation
I’ve got nothing without You
I’ve got nothing without You”

I held on to those words for weeks “should I stay here, or do I need to move.” I listen to the song over and over and played out all the scary things that would have to happen if we decided to move.

I would reason myself out of this crazy prompting to move, only to wake up to it again the next morning. I spoke a word to nobody while my heart wrestled with the idea.

I was so focused on the how this is going to happen and what are people going to think.

Then one morning after playing the song for the 100th time I listen to the next song on the CD.

“Ever since the world around you shattered
You’ve been looking everywhere for something more
Sometimes you feel like your life doesn’t matter
But it does
I tell you it does

Come on let me love you now
Come on let me love you and hold you through the storms
I will keep you safe and warm
Come on let me love you now
Come on let me love you and kiss away your tears
I will always be here
Come on let me love you

Yesterday you found your heart was broken
Tomorrow doesn’t leave much room for hope
Today you’ll find that my arms are wide open
And my heart
My heart is full of love

Give up on all the other things
‘Cause my love can bring you more
And if you take a chance on me
I’ll give you what you’re looking for”

The voice was clear that morning. You have been pushing, pulling, taking on the demands of everything yourself. I felt God whisper, you done wrestling yet? You ready to step in and take a chance? Are you ready to let me love on you?

I went home and told Jen what I had been contemplating for a month and told her to think about it. Truth be told we both knew it was not something we need to “think” about anymore.

I was terrified and excited the morning I woke up to this truck sitting at the curb, ready to go, with all that was left of our possessions.

It has been the hardest thing we have ever done and the hardest thing we have ever “stuck” with and through the trails and adversities I am so overjoyed with grateful tears this morning that I took a chance, listen to the prompting and let God love me. Our hearts are full of so much wisdom and our spirits are forever changed. God taught me my life matters. The story does not end there it’s just a reminder. Heading into our 7th year God is asking me the same questions whether I am willing to take chances on things that seem impossible. I am scared and excited to see what is in the gap between where I am and where we feel God is calling us.


Progress is not made thinking about IT, preparing for IT, planning for IT, talking about IT, learning about IT, questioning IT, or worrying about IT.  Progress is made doing IT.  Everyday we wake up to the same battle, the battle…

STUCK happens : What is the #1 Obstacle?

stuck-happensEveryday I witness STUCK. People STUCK. Complacent. Venturing nowhere. So I was thinking about how often STUCK happens. I started asking myself what is the biggest barriers people have in life?

What came to mind was the BELIEF that they cannot change. The belief that their fate is sealed. That at a certain age your personality, your mode of operation, your way of doing things, the category in life that you are slotted into is STATIC.

I was trying to figure out the WHY behind doing what I do. What is it that drives me? Why am I so passionate about what I do?

It came down to this. I believe in PEOPLE. I believe that each one of us has the capacity to CHANGE, to really truly and honestly change.


1st because I have witnessed it in me. Through my time in prayer and my growth in my faith I have witness CHANGE in me, in my attitude, in my confidence, in my mode of operation and consequently the environment and relationships surrounding me.

2nd I have witnessed it in the person closest to me. My wife Jen. How she has battled to arrive in a new place and stand on new victorious ground in her life.

Thirdly – In my travels all over the place I have met amazing people with amazing stories of victory. Of lives changed and new mindsets gained.

I have spent many hours heck DAYS, MONTHS, YEARS, SEASONS letting my grasp loosen on the hope that things can be different.

Strengthening my grip on hope has been a result of allowing the battle to be my training ground. The failures, the missteps, the backwards slides – I can either be honest about them (not in a self shaming way) or let them serve as proof that change is not possible.

I have been working on choosing a higher level of self awareness. I often ask myself this question

“How is that working for you Ira?“

In the face of frustration I ask myself “Are you going to keep being frustrated banging your head against the wall trying to do the same thing yet somehow believe you can achieve a different result?“

OR “Are you going to exercise your capacity to do things differently?“

I have resolved to stop waiting around STUCK. Stop waiting around for other people to CHANGE or my environment or circumstances to change. I remind myself daily of my verse from 2 corinthians a reminder that “At all times I have all that I need to abound in every good work.“ I have the verse hung right above my desk so I can re-read it everyday.

There are still days I give into complacency. You know, a bowl of crap food (that I really don`t want) scrolling through endless and mindless social media feeds (that I really don’t care for) BUT there is a difference. I have shaped a NEW belief. That we as people have been gifted the capacity to choose, to change, to chart a new course, to arrive in a different place.

The choice is ours.

Do I sit in shame around my perceived failures?


Do I take a seat in a chair with an elevated perspective over them? Constantly learning and claiming ownership over my failures because I have a firm grasp on the HOPE that I can actually change?

It is only your BELIEF that holds you back. You want and desire change? START there, with whether you BELIEVE it is possible or not.

Our Kids Are Inheriting Our Weighty Issues

kid scaleWould you be able to live without your scale?

If I put you on a workout and eating plan for 30 days and told you that you could not weigh yourself, would you be able to do it?

A lot of people in our 30 day flip program struggle with not being allowed to weigh themselves for 30 days.

Has this little devices that sit on your bathroom floor taken on a massive role in your day to day life? At some point in time our scales have become a digital morality compass on which we stand every morning to receive our verdict.

There you are a NEW day ahead of you holding your breath until that number reveals what type of mood you are going to be in today!

The worse is you could have been a “saint” narrowly avoiding the birthday cake in the lunch room yesterday but if that scale does not budge you are immediately stripped of your sainthood. You have done something “WRONG” and with a frustrated shrug of the shoulders and a few choice words you step off the scale carrying an even greater sense of weight, torment.

It is time to start asking some questions about your relationship with that pesky friend the scale. The one you are so oddly attracted to  and despite your years of wrestling and quarrels you have never let go of this dysfunctional relationship.

When did we start using the scale as a compass for what to eat or NOT to eat?

Well remember when you were a kid do you ever remember overhearing the adults say “oh my kids can eat whatever they want and not gain a thing”  OR “I do not know where they put all that food they must have a wooden leg”. Our society is hyper sensitive to the relationship between food and weight. It often seems like the only conversation we have when it comes to food and our health.

Our society believes a lie.

If you are not overweight your food choices are healthy or good.

If you are overweight your food choices are unhealthy or bad.

Why did my hotel room at a recent fitness conference I attended have a SCALE in it? I cannot even take a vacation from my scale anymore.

Whether my kid is struggling with their weight or not, FOOD has way greater consequences than weight.  Why has weight become our measuring stick for a healthy life?

Food can have a far greater impact on the things that really matter in this life.

Like energy levels, mental capacity, attention span, and emotional health.  All of which cannot be measured on a scale. Have we perhaps become hyper focused on the longer term consequences of poor food choices? That we are missing the impact my food choices today can have on me today!

How much longer are we going to allow the scale to act as our moral compass?

How much longer are we going to teach our kids that food choices should be solely based on whether a particular food makes you “fat” or “skinny”?

Being hyper focused on weight does not seem to be helping the obesity epidemic.  It is time to celebrate non scale victories and talk about all the HEALTH issues good quality food can HEAL.  Yes food heals.  Food restores. Food nourishes. Lets talk about what we are FOR not what we are against.

When our 5 year old  ask “hey Dad is this good for me?” I will tell him how the food will make him feel today.  Then let him decided if he wants to feel that way.

“Dad is this apple good for me?”

“Well that apple is going to make your tummy feel good, it is going to give you energy to jump on the bouncy castle and it is going to help you learn at school.

“What about this chocolate bar Dad?”

“Well that chocolate bar is going to taste really good but also soon after it will make you pretty tired it won’t really fill you up either you will probably need something to eat again soon.”

At our dinner table there is a lot of muscle flexing that goes on. As we feel how strong we are getting as we eat certain foods. Weight is never a topic. Neither is food morality. Food does not make you good or bad. We really do not make a big deal out of it.  As a result our kids do not either.

How many times has the scale thwarted your plans to get healthy? How many times has it made you give up? I am not saying to never measure this component of fitness I AM SAYING stop using it as the ONLY thing you feel like you can never measure up to. The more you feel like you NEED the scale the LESS you should be using it. It is simple the more REAL food you eat the more UNREAL you are going to feel. Whether you are standing on a scale or not your body has a way of balancing these things out so get out off the scale and get into the kitchen for some food that is going to make you feel GREAT today!