Episode # 3 I Do Not Care What You Eat: Part 2

I Do Not Care What You Eat: Part 2

epsiode 3

This is the 2nd part of a three part series of Cornerstone Fitness TV. The most important moment when it comes to your success in starting new eating habits comes from the moment you fail. It is what you do with your failures that will define your chances at victory!  Food was made for pleasure, it is good for your body and is meant for you to enjoy.  We get in trouble when our enjoyment tips into guilt and condemnation. As a christian we learn there is no condemnation in Christ which means, thoughts, heaviness, burdens about your mistakes and short comings when it comes to food are ALL false.  God has forgiven us and is FOR US, not against us. Condemnation holds us down, keeps us in that pit of missteps and unhealthy habits. Start changing those voices in your head that beat you up and keep you down ask God to replace them with TRUTH!

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