My last blog I talked about the blessing of resting in the act of relinquishing the illusion of control. That we really only have control over one thing, ourselves and how we hold space or conduct ourselves in daily uncertainty. Read about surrender HERE.

The word surrender is often associated with weakness. It’s like letting the drawbridge down and slowly emerging from the battle, little white flag in hand with the weight of defeat bearing down on your slumped shoulders. That is not the type of surrender I am talking about. The surrender I speak of lays at the feet of a spirit of humility and comes with FREEDOM and empowers you with a willingness to FIGHT.

When we fight from a place of FEAR looking to gain control over things we do not actually have control over, the result is exhaustion and uncovering the end of ourselves. But when we fight from a surrendered spirit we exercise our awareness of our limits. We know that fighting is working with what we have and the belief that it is enough.

Sometimes FIGHTING is the act of surrendering our pride.

Re-evaluating how we respond to things and having the willingness to face the uncomfortable answers about ourselves. It is hard work to ask ourselves tough questions and to open our mind to different answers. It requires us to let go of past hurts and grievances and acknowledge our part while forgiving the part others played.

The way we have always done things has been disrupted and we often find our comforts in easy to follow, non disruptive, “sweep it under the rug” routine.

So amidst the rubble of a pandemic world in this disrupted place,

this raw place,

I am choosing the opportunity to surrender to the lessons and FIGHT the urge to fall back into the same routine. My guard is up and I am paying heed to what gets my “firsts” and going to battle to establish what gets rule over my life.

Who & what are the first minutes of my day being given to?

I am fighting to establish a new routine. A routine where I am not giving my leftovers to that which is most important – but I am prioritizing who gets what leaves my hands “first”

The first minutes of daylight will not be given to Facebook, insta, email or worry. I choose to spend my first minutes of the day immersed in God’s word. In prayer, in worship, in thankfulness & gratitude. He who has given me everything will be given  the first fruits of my day.

A life worth living has to be fought for. We are in a place where our only option for any sense of control is contained in our ability to govern ourselves.

From a surrendered heart we can use our limited resources to FIGHT by reacting to whatever comes our way today ?


We can establishing a strong statement over what will RULE the day. Take up our gloves and position ourselves to respond vs react to today.


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