STUCK happens : What is the #1 Obstacle?

stuck-happensEveryday I witness STUCK. People STUCK. Complacent. Venturing nowhere. So I was thinking about how often STUCK happens. I started asking myself what is the biggest barriers people have in life?

What came to mind was the BELIEF that they cannot change. The belief that their fate is sealed. That at a certain age your personality, your mode of operation, your way of doing things, the category in life that you are slotted into is STATIC.

I was trying to figure out the WHY behind doing what I do. What is it that drives me? Why am I so passionate about what I do?

It came down to this. I believe in PEOPLE. I believe that each one of us has the capacity to CHANGE, to really truly and honestly change.


1st because I have witnessed it in me. Through my time in prayer and my growth in my faith I have witness CHANGE in me, in my attitude, in my confidence, in my mode of operation and consequently the environment and relationships surrounding me.

2nd I have witnessed it in the person closest to me. My wife Jen. How she has battled to arrive in a new place and stand on new victorious ground in her life.

Thirdly – In my travels all over the place I have met amazing people with amazing stories of victory. Of lives changed and new mindsets gained.

I have spent many hours heck DAYS, MONTHS, YEARS, SEASONS letting my grasp loosen on the hope that things can be different.

Strengthening my grip on hope has been a result of allowing the battle to be my training ground. The failures, the missteps, the backwards slides – I can either be honest about them (not in a self shaming way) or let them serve as proof that change is not possible.

I have been working on choosing a higher level of self awareness. I often ask myself this question

“How is that working for you Ira?“

In the face of frustration I ask myself “Are you going to keep being frustrated banging your head against the wall trying to do the same thing yet somehow believe you can achieve a different result?“

OR “Are you going to exercise your capacity to do things differently?“

I have resolved to stop waiting around STUCK. Stop waiting around for other people to CHANGE or my environment or circumstances to change. I remind myself daily of my verse from 2 corinthians a reminder that “At all times I have all that I need to abound in every good work.“ I have the verse hung right above my desk so I can re-read it everyday.

There are still days I give into complacency. You know, a bowl of crap food (that I really don`t want) scrolling through endless and mindless social media feeds (that I really don’t care for) BUT there is a difference. I have shaped a NEW belief. That we as people have been gifted the capacity to choose, to change, to chart a new course, to arrive in a different place.

The choice is ours.

Do I sit in shame around my perceived failures?


Do I take a seat in a chair with an elevated perspective over them? Constantly learning and claiming ownership over my failures because I have a firm grasp on the HOPE that I can actually change?

It is only your BELIEF that holds you back. You want and desire change? START there, with whether you BELIEVE it is possible or not.

Class Playlist Summer 2016


I have recieved many subtle and not so subtle hints and suggestions to hook you up with some more of the tunes that drive my classes all week long. So here is a SUMMER edition of my current playlist.  Enjoy!  Would also love to hear your SUMMER playlist favorites!!!!! Hook me up!

NOTE: I love the tune by Brandi Carlile she was actually the opener for a Train concert I went to many years ago and I was so floored by her talent.  I could not find the recorded version of the single I own I have therefore included the link to the live version of “The Story”

Fireproof – Coleman Hell

The Story – Brandi Carlile

Party Train – Redfoo

Take – U – There – Skrillex and Diplo

Me Too – Meghan Trainor

Lone Digger – Caravan Palace

Handclap – Fitz & Tantrums

Cleopatra - The Lumineers

Towards the Sun – Rihanna

Good Grief – Bastille

Good Girls – Elle King

That is it for now.  Enjoy!!!!! Don’t forget to fill me in on your favorites.

Cheers, Ira


Happy New Year : FREE Live Online Workouts

2 (1)It is so hard to start something NEW.  I know so many well intentioned people just want to feel better and look better as the clock rolls over from 2015 to 2016.  So I want to do what I can with what I have available to me to help give you a head start this New Year!  Have you heard of periscope?? I just discovered this awesome app.  Pound Rockout Workout did a 12 days of Christmas promotion where people from all over the world joined them live from LA for 12 days of pound workouts in a row!!!

SO here is how it is going to work.  Starting Jan 4th (yep it is a Monday) until Jan 15th I will be broadcasting workouts (M-F) from my home to your home. You can join me live or you have 24 hours to complete the workout on periscope before it is gone. You up for the challenge?

2 weeks.

10 workouts.

10-20 minutes in length.

Free on periscope.

 How to connect on periscope:

periscope(1) Search for periscope on your mobile device.  If you want to use your ipad look for iphone version of app / there is no ipad version yet.

(2) Download periscope. Sign in and set up an account using an existing twitter account or a cellular phone number.

(3) Search for @IraMcNamara and follow me.

(4) Use the email sign-up form below to get a schedule and workout card for the 2 week event.

(5) Periscope will alert you when I am logging on live for workouts.

(6) Note if you have an apple TV or google play you can also tune in live that way!!!!! Check out for more information.

(7) Be sure to challenge your family and friends to join you for the two week adventure. We are all in this together and the more the merrier!

sign up form

‘Tis the Season For Giving : Holiday Fitness Gift Guide


Got a fitness lover on your Christmas list?  Wondering what to buy them?  Well I got you covered.  Here are some different ideas for the love ones in your life.

(1) TRX suspension trainer: This is a fullbody workout in a backpack.  With the door anchor you can anchor into any door and do over 600 varieties of exercises.  The TRX is one of my MUST have pieces of equipment in my toolbox. (approx $199)

(2) fitbit – wearable calorie management devices have come a long way.  Got a techy on your list that is motivated by tracking results and numbers, this tool will definitely give them a lot of information to work with. ($69- 159)

(3) Cookbooks -These two worn out completely used and 100 percent delicious  cookbooks are well used in the McNamara house. They are “paleo” but whether you are paleo or not you will enjoy these delicious and health giving recipes!  Against All Grain By Danielle Walker and Nom Nom Paleo By Michelle Tam ($30-$50)

(4) S’well water bottles – These pricey water bottles are sleek and worth the extra cash.  They come in several different designs and colors.  They keep your COLD beverages cold for 24 hours and your hot ones hot for up to 12 hours. I have seen them for sale at Chapter and Indego (In Canada) and it looks like starbucks has just picked them up.  (Around $39)

(5) BOSU Balance Trainer – Another must have piece of equipment in my fitness toolbox.  A very versatile and fun tool to vary your exercise routine.  They now come in different colors and I know Costco was selling them last I checked.  ($149-$199)

(6) POUND ROCKOUT WORKOUT – Results System – This at home version of the workout I have come to LOVE is the variety, challenge, fun, and innovation you have needed to add to your at home workout routine.  If you know someone trying to fit in workouts at home this will definitely mix things up and get them some results! ($89 US)

Hope that helps you get the creative juices flowing when it comes to giving to your loved ones.

What you need to hear from this always POSITIVE, UPBEAT, INSPIRING person.

#thestruggleisrealI sympathized with a client and shared how I was struggling with the stress of managing all the things that are part of my day to day.  How I was finding it difficult to keep FOCUSED on the good.  How I was noticing I had a short fuse and small things were setting me off. To her surprise and frankly to mine, she said “WOW, I did not know that you struggled with such negative thinking, you’re Ira, always smiling, always upbeat, always positive.” That conversation spurred this post. I felt I needed to share the “other side” with people.  Whenever I receive feedback from a speaking or teaching engagement I am always grateful to see the words “inspiring” as part of the feedback.  I love that I have a platform to inspire people and help them hope for something greater.  But what I never want to do is create a GAP between where they are right now and where they aspire to be. A gap that they feel is out of their reach because they do not embody the perfect characteristics or traits required to obtain it. It is one thing to be INSPIRED, it is another to step out in belief to actually accomplish stuff and the illusion of having to have it all together is freaking intimidating.

As a personal trainer I have been on the inside of many successful people’s homes, yet I have never met a single person who has it all together, who is not struggling with anything. In fact some of the people I have met that have the most are the one’s struggling the most. They cannot say things like “if I only won the lottery, things would be different”

I have had some hard days/weeks/months over the last decade, whether it has been struggling to make ends meet, dealing with loss, mourning strained relationships, being confused over which direction to pursue, losing sleep with anxiety or fear surrounding my kids. Dealing with relational conflict, being frustrated with jobs and workplaces. Being heartbroken over situations I had no control over.  The little voices in my head can sometimes be overwhelming, depressive, frustrating and feeding anger and anxiety.

Why do I share my struggle? Well the light hearted hashtag #thestruggleisreal, is not always light hearted.  I think we can sometimes help more people by being vulnerable rather than always trying to appear perfect, put together, and on point.

One thing I do know is my hardest times have been just what I needed to breakthrough.  The unbearableness of being at rock bottom led to the willingness to recognize my stubborn ways long enough to do something about them. The reason why I identify with your struggle and know just what is going on in your head is because it is happening in my head too.

Over the years I have learned to feed the fire I want to burn more brightly.  There are times when my journal is filled with negative, angry, pleading, ungrateful, prayers and I sometimes would walk away from my journaling time, more anxious, more fearful, more unwilling to tackle my day. Looking over my journals from years past though, things have changed.  There has been a growth in my spirit. A willingness to reevaluate and give up my comfortable yet ineffective old ways for the awkward uncomfortable new ways. I have become more ‘self aware’ and developed the discipline to feed the fire I want to burn in my life.  I have to CHOOSE which voice in my head gets valuable space in my day.  I am learning to respond to life rather than react to it. What I want you to hear  loud and clear though is the inspiring, positive, uplifting nature you see come out of me has passed through a filter of prayer and thanksgiving and sometimes that filter is filthy and the process was laboursome and difficult.

There are days where being inspiring is extremely difficult and draining.  One thing I recognize though is that relationships have boundaries.  It does not serve you well if I show up with all my baggage and throw it on you unexpectedly.  I believe in living a life of service and when I commit my time to someone to serve them, that environment requires me to show up with my best and the focus needs to be on them. My baggage has appropriate places to be unloaded.  My prayer time and my faith is a place where I cast everything.  My wife who knows me best helps me through my times of need and my close friends and family are other appropriate places to voice my struggles and ask for the help and guidance I need.

This I know. Nobody has a clean filter. Everybody struggles,  #thestruggleisreal and not always in a lighthearted joking way.  We are all striving to move from point A (where we are) to point B (where we want to be) so let’s stop working so hard to make it look effortless because it ain’t!

Sincerely, Ira McNamara