Finding JOY in Small Beginnings

Foundation (1)Sometimes our past successes are stumbling blocks for our current day commitments.  Personally I have known all levels of fitness.  In my 20′s at the height of my fitness there were few days I missed and many days I did multiple workouts in a day.  Years later my level of commitment to endless workouts weened as the reality of bigger commitments like parenting stole the spotlight and shook my normal foundation. However in the height of parenting, just as we welcomed kid number 3,  Jen (my wife) and I, found our way into some epically committed eating habits that had crazy benefits to our minds and our over all health.  I am talking months on end of commitment to only the foods that sustained us, very discipline, and the results of such were amazing. Somewhere into baby 4 and a crazy travelling work schedule we loosened our grip. No shame, just life.

Life ebbs, life flows and slowly we find ourselves navigating into habits we are not always proud of and sometimes the journey away from that highlight can be discouraging as you look back to what once was and realize how far the journey back to that height really is. But just like we found ourselves far from it not over night, but day by day, consistently over time, if we decide to we can find our way back.  Often the problem is we just want to hop back into the HIEGHT, without doing the climb.  We want to be 100 percent day 1 and that level of commitment out of the gate can be discouraging and overwhelming. We often despise small beginnings and instead of embracing them, we put off our todays until we can commit to all in, all out, going at it with all we got. This ALL or nothing attitude often lands us in the lap of nothing because when us humans find an end to ourselves and can’t do it ALL we are forced to succumb to the sobering realms of nothing.

So why not commit to finding JOY rather then strife in the process. We so often FIGHT back, take a defensive posture, will our way through, stubbornly bite off more than we can chew. We let shame lead and control us rather then gratitude for the ability to make space and embrace opportunity.  This is me sharing my present journey and commitment to find joy in what seems like SMALL beginnings – but this is HUGE. It is OK to start where you are at, start small and embrace the present.  Find JOY and gratitude over the process. Instead of delaying the start because everything feels so overwhelming let’s embrace the “start” knowing it is not really a start. Our past has lessons to lean on and burdens we can make peace with and lay to rest.You are not starting over. You are just become more focused on the journey.

What does this look like for me right now? I am committed to at least 20 minutes a day of movement in the mornings no focus on intensity – just focus on enjoyment of the process and gratitude over my ability to move.  I can already see small beginnings multiple as I find JOY in them, the intensity, the duration, the mindset, and the space you make for them naturally expand as you embrace it rather than fight it.  So what do you say ? Ready to lower the pressure to start ALL in, which results in you constantly putting it off?  Lets embrace small beginnings and find JOY in our today.




4 comments for “Finding JOY in Small Beginnings

  1. Sally
    17 December, 2020 at 4:26 pm

    Needed to hear that Ira. So true . I am doing the same

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    • cornerstonefitnesstv
      3 January, 2021 at 6:05 am

      Always learning, always shifting, always in the game engaged!

  2. Sherry Zwaagstra
    16 January, 2021 at 5:23 pm

    OMG, I wish I’d read this before venting on the wellness page!
    Such a good reminder as I am an all or nothing type person!

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    • cornerstonefitnesstv
      21 January, 2021 at 3:37 pm

      always learning, always growing, continuously committed!!

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