My Spring 2015 Cycle Playlist


I just received a friendly email saying I love your blog post on your current playlist, do you not think it is time to do another?  Yup it is.  Here are the songs people in my classes are currently trying to sing to me in order to find out the song they need to have on their playlist.

I even have included the itunes link so you can get it quicker!

Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit) – Omi - Nice upbeat way to start my class. (love the trumpet-yes trumpet!)

Uma Thurman – Fall Out Boy - High energy rock to get the party started!

The Nights – Aviccii

Honey I Am Good – Andy 

Hanging On (I See Monstas Remix) – Ellie Goulding  - Awesome build for sprint intervals!

Get Low – Dillion Francis & DJ Snake 

I Lived – One Direction 

Juicy Wiggle – Redfoo (Seriously this is our new livingroom dance party song!)

Always Alright – Alabama Shakes (Nice road tripping cooldown song)

So there you go, save that singing voice for the shower, or to serenade your spouse.  Happy working out!

Feel free to help add to my playlist and drop your favorite song right now in the comments below! Or sing it to me if I ever see you in person, that is much more fun!

Cheers, Ira

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