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Continuing with featuring people who have made successful change over the last year, I am privileged to introduce you to Nicola.  A supervisor tied heavily to her desk by day turned Zumba instructor and POUND Rockout Workout Pro  extraordinaire by night! She has an infectious laugh and zest for life and her motorcycle! Back in the beginning of 2014 she decided to tackle her first round of the 30 day flip with a friend Patty (who was previously featured) they have never looked back since. Several rounds later she has really developed tools to make these healthy habits stick.  Hope you can have your own aha moment as she explains what it took to get where she is at now.

What made you decide now was the time to make a change?

When I learned about the 30 day flip, it just made sense, the timing felt right, and I was tired of how I felt, physically and emotionally. When I look back now, I believe I finally came to the awareness that I couldn’t keep trying the same thing over and over and expect to have different results!!  All the pills, shakes, supplements, and diets I tried over the years were different, but the same, in that they weren’t sustainable, or healthy!! It was definitely time to change things up!

What did you do differently this time?

I stopped obsessing over the weight and that stupid scale.   In Round 1, and even 2, weight loss were at the forefront of my thoughts, but I realized that the weight was just taking care of itself so I stopped focusing on that and more on how I was feeling, the increase in energy, and the decrease in joint pain.  I have to say it was a relief to learn I wasn’t alone in my ridiculous attachment to the scale… being part of the FB group is truly the key to success on this journey… you become an extended family, sharing your struggles, accomplishments and joys ☺

 Do you still struggle?  What is different about the way you struggle?

A lifetime of “diet” mentality still manages to creep into my thoughts.  The ‘emotional’ cravings connected with specific foods will occur, but I am now so much more aware of the emotional triggers that fuel those thoughts and cravings.  I’m not blindly reaching for comfort in that bag of Miss Vickie’s, but am conscious of the choices I’m making, why I’m making them, and being gentle and forgiving of myself, knowing that if it’s a poor choice, it doesn’t define me, nor does it mean that I have failed.  I made a choice for this moment… that’s it, and move forward.

What were your most unexpected non-scale victories?

The significant decrease of pain in my joints, specifically relating to the arthritis in my hands and fingers. I actually didn’t even realize it until I saw a bottle of Tylenol Arthritis sitting in my cupboard and couldn’t actually remember the last time I had to take one!  Then it occurred to me that I’d been opening jars, stirring sauces, even teaching Pound and not having continuously aching hands and wrists… brought me to tears… incredible.

What were your biggest Ah-ha moments?

Realizing that I had an actual ‘relationship’ with food, and quite a dysfunctional one. Food wasn’t just a source of nourishment and fuel for my body.  I used it as a reward for pretty well everything and it was how I showed my love to family, friends, and myself.  Food was a source of comfort, an apology, a celebration of achievement, an I love you… So many emotional attachments but I’ve learned that it’s not about the food… It’s never been about the food.

 What is your favorite healthy meal?

Fajita chicken with onions, peppers, guacamole and fresh salsa in lettuce wraps!!! And… ground beef curry on spaghetti squash!  And… Shepherds pie with sweet potatoes! And… Thai chicken soup! Okay I’ll stop ☺️

What would you say was your biggest hurdle?

Not getting on that stupid, mood make-or-breaking, life sucking scale!!!! ☺  I used to get on that scale every other day, if not every day, and it would determine what that day was going to hold for me, whether I was going to skip a meal, or wear my ‘fat’ pants, or indulge because I was down a lb.!  Even though I knew that number would change by the end of the day, or even a few hours, and tomorrow again, it still held a ridiculous amount of power over me.  Not anymore.

Why have you stuck with it?

I feel better than I have in years…. Many, many YEARS!!!!  This is about so much more than weight loss! I feel healthy, my energy levels stay consistent during the day, even my skin is clearer and nails are stronger.  I’m no longer lethargic and bloated after meals, cravings have diminished and all by just eating real food!!!  I’ve stuck with it because I don’t like how I feel when I don’t… And I love how I feel when I do. It’s a lifestyle and it’s become second nature because my mindset and habits have changed.

Any other insights you would like to add?

This is not just another diet, it’s so much more, and it has been life changing for me!

I would encourage people to do more than one round as each time has brought me a better understanding, deeper insight, and stronger healthy habits.  I am truly grateful for this program, the ability to support and feel supported, and the camaraderie in the 30 day flip FB groups!

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try” ❤️




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