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It is easy to take up healthy habits for a SHORT period of time but real change comes when you start rebuilding your roots over the long haul.  I believe we can learn from each others A-ha moments. So I have asked some members of the Cornerstone Fitness Community around me that have made some INSPIRING healthy changes over the last year to share some of what they have learned.

First up Patty. A energetic and joyful Nurse, Zumba Instructor, and now kickass POUND pro who I crossed paths with in Vernon, BC when she was hooting and hollering her way through my POUND classes. She took the plunge and join our 30 day flip online program in January 2015. Here my interview with her,

What made you decide now was the time to make a change? 
There comes a time when something you hear resonates deep within and you say; “YES!” I was drawn to sign up for a Whole 30 round because I was tired of being tired and feeling old. I signed up because it felt right for this time in my life and that quiet voice was right!
What did you do differently this time?
Being part of a group really made my commitment to my health and well being seem more concrete. I trusted that I had said “YES” for reasons beyond my limited thinking mind. Did I say being part of group? And participating in the group? That was a major turning point for me.
Do you still struggle? What is different about the way you struggle?
I would use the word challenged more than struggle now. That is the difference. Struggle sounds hopeless and powerless while ‘challenge’ sounds empowering. I am challenged by my emotions at times and just want to eat cookies and ‘zone-out’! I can do that consciously now, by choosing it and the consequences of that. Then I move on…. get back on track. No Guilt!! Patient persistence. ( sound familiar Ira?)
What were your most unexpected non-scale victories?
Reconnecting with my adult children was the most unexpected. We shared prepping and cooking and while doing what seems to be mundane tasks, we bonded by trying new recipes, laughing, talking, and respecting the different perceptions of each other. We talked about the emotions that came up when staying committed to the rules of the program. We celebrated the small milestones along the way. My God but we laughed at how our collective minds would entertain the idea of “cheating”. “How can I eat this cookie without actually eating it?” Talk about insanity sometimes!
What were your biggest Ah-ha moments?
Realizing the depth of how I used food for more than nourishment.  Hell, I didn’t know how blah I felt until I started feeling really healthy. I was surprised how accepting I became of others in my family or circle of friends with their opinions. I quietly stayed the course and eventually they ALL started asking questions because they noticed a difference in my physical health and overall well being.

What is your favourite healthy meal?

I love fried sweet potatoes, with chicken apple sausages, apple sauce, and avocado. Oh, and I love Shepherds Pie made with sweet potatoes!
What would you say was your biggest hurdle?
At the beginning I always felt hungry because I would only stop eating when I started feeling bloated. I thought different degrees of bloating was different degrees of being full.  I don’t get bloated on this plan….ever! So, I had to relearn what “full”felt like. My body just says…”You have enough nourishment so stop eating.” … and I stop!
Why have you stuck with it?
I feel generally so much better than I ever had! This is not a fad diet and it is sustainable. It makes so much sense. I am a nurse and really understand how the body becomes diseased when being challenged by so many outside factors…starting with food and moving on up to the thoughts we think and believe. The body is a miraculous system that is always striving toward homeostasis or true health. It will do this for you, effortlessly, when given the proper ingredients. Plus, with each round I complete, I go deeper in understanding my attachment to food and therefore more capable of letting it go. The space in my life that used to be filled up with food obsessions is now free to be filled with so many other activities!  It has become a habit now.
Any other insight you would like to add? 
 I am grateful for my curiosity. Be curious when something peeks your interest because it could change your life completely! Whole 30 has become a way of life. I laugh out loud now when someone asks me if I am still “eating that way”….. I say; “Yes, I am still eating REAL food :)
Hey if you are ever in Vernon, BC head on over to Fitness West and catch one of Patty’s awesome Zumba or Pound classes you will not be disappointed.

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