Sustaining Success – Lisa

lisaAs we put a cap on 2015 I have asked some people in the Cornerstone Fitness Community that have seen successful healthy change happen in their lives over the last year to SHARE their journey.  My hope is that we learn that change is possible when you embrace a new mindset and work at it over time.

This is Lisa’s journey.  Talk about impressive. She decided to commit to changing how she ate in your 30 day flip all while working and going to school FULL time!

(1) What made you decided now was the time to make a change?

I was frustrated that I was not making any progress at getting my weight under control.  In February this year, I stepped on the scale at my doctor’s office and was mortified at the number staring back at me.  I had developed a pattern of my weight creeping up by about five pounds every year.  My blood pressure had also been inching up over the past two years.  I didn’t feel good about myself and it was making me unhappy.  My doctor was quite concerned as was I, so I decided I needed to ‘get myself together’ and make some changes in my life.  

(2) What did you do differently this time?

The 30 day flip program appealed to me, especially knowing that I would be starting with a group of other ‘like minded’ people, although joining a group was big for me!  Plus – I have a deep admiration for Ira.  I have attended his classes at the gym and I find him to be very inspirational.  I thought with his support I could do this!  

(3) Do you still struggle? What is different about the way you struggle?

I’ve been following the plan now for the past five months.  I love the way I feel so can’t really identify any struggles.  I do find travelling for work a challenge though.  I really dislike not being in total control of my food preparation and eating out is not really all that enjoyable for me.  
(4) What were your most unexpected non-scale victories?
My biggest non-scale victory was my annual physical this year because I had a perfect check-up.  My blood pressure had dropped, cholesterol was down and my doctor was ecstatic with my progress.  My second victory was I started sleeping through the night again.  I have enjoyed the best sleep since before I had children and trust me – that was a long time ago!  My husband has watched my transformation and is starting to get on board with the program as well.  

(5) What were your biggest Ah-ha moments?

I’ve had a few Ah-ha moments on this program.  I didn’t believe that the cravings would subside and I would feel completely satisfied.  I don’t have cravings and I do feel satisfied.  I don’t eat nearly as much as I used to.   I also don’t feel cheated out of anything – I simply have no desire to consume processed or sugar laden foods.  I am appalled by the control that food processing companies have gained over our population.  I liken processed foods to what it must be like to have a drug addiction.  

(6) What is your favourite healthy meal?

My favourite meal is a frittata made with chorizo sausage, eggs and whatever veggies I have in the fridge.  I make it ahead on Sunday nights so that I have it available to take during the work week.  I never get tired of it.  My second favourite is the Sunshine Sauce (a sunflower seed dressing).  That stuff is incredible! 

(7) What would you say was your biggest hurdle?

The biggest hurdle is getting through the first two weeks and learning to take the time to prepare food for the work week.   I really didn’t feel so good during that period of time however, that was a good indication to me that my body was going through a significant change.  

(8) Why have you stuck with it? 

It’s really about the way I feel and I do feel great.  My skin is clear, my clothes are baggy and now I have to get new duds – oh my – what a dilemma! 

(9) Do you have any other insight you would like to add?

 The program makes a lot of sense.  You’re eating a very clean diet.  It’s  amazing how the body responds when we don’t fill it with garbage.  Most of all – I made a commitment to me and I have upheld that commitment.  That is self-empowerment.  Finally, I always balked at weight loss groups but I found being with others has been very helpful.  I didn’t say much online but certainly did my share of checking out everyone’s postings and recipes!  Gosh – now I sound like a creep – really – I’m just a very private person!  :)
Sincere thanks to Ira and Jen for your support and encouragement.  Looking forward to our November session.  


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