‘Tis the Season For Giving : Holiday Fitness Gift Guide


Got a fitness lover on your Christmas list?  Wondering what to buy them?  Well I got you covered.  Here are some different ideas for the love ones in your life.

(1) TRX suspension trainer: This is a fullbody workout in a backpack.  With the door anchor you can anchor into any door and do over 600 varieties of exercises.  The TRX is one of my MUST have pieces of equipment in my toolbox. (approx $199)

(2) fitbit – wearable calorie management devices have come a long way.  Got a techy on your list that is motivated by tracking results and numbers, this tool will definitely give them a lot of information to work with. ($69- 159)

(3) Cookbooks -These two worn out completely used and 100 percent delicious  cookbooks are well used in the McNamara house. They are “paleo” but whether you are paleo or not you will enjoy these delicious and health giving recipes!  Against All Grain By Danielle Walker and Nom Nom Paleo By Michelle Tam ($30-$50)

(4) S’well water bottles – These pricey water bottles are sleek and worth the extra cash.  They come in several different designs and colors.  They keep your COLD beverages cold for 24 hours and your hot ones hot for up to 12 hours. I have seen them for sale at Chapter and Indego (In Canada) and it looks like starbucks has just picked them up.  (Around $39)

(5) BOSU Balance Trainer – Another must have piece of equipment in my fitness toolbox.  A very versatile and fun tool to vary your exercise routine.  They now come in different colors and I know Costco was selling them last I checked.  ($149-$199)

(6) POUND ROCKOUT WORKOUT – Results System – This at home version of the workout I have come to LOVE is the variety, challenge, fun, and innovation you have needed to add to your at home workout routine.  If you know someone trying to fit in workouts at home this will definitely mix things up and get them some results! ($89 US)

Hope that helps you get the creative juices flowing when it comes to giving to your loved ones.

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