About US

Hi I am Ira McNamara.  A Fitness Expert and Coach. Cornerstone Fitness is a  dream being lived out; A dream of creating a fitness community of WORLD CHANGERS. This is a place where we begin equipping the mind, body, and spirit to live a life of serving and blessing others.

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Cornerstone Fitness aims to define TRUE FITNESS.

As I lye awake one night I felt God asked me to do something that terrified me, he said start with a VLOG.  Yes a VIDEO version of a blog. My response was “well can’t I just write it out in a BLOG?”

I felt he said, this message you have in your heart is 3D! It is a message that can’t always be captured in just words. There are people out there that have tried to CHANGE one thousand times and  they don’t need ANOTHER exercise program they need to start with what they BELIEVE about themselves! 

Journey with me as we start learning that GOD is FOR US, NOT against us.  I really believe that we HAVE ALL THAT WE NEED to succeed.  So what started as a video blog is expanding into tools and coaching to HELP you get to the NEXT level in Heath, Fitness and LIFE.

When you FIND PURPOSE, MEANING AND A DREAM, your fitness routines become something YOU WANT TO DO, not something you NEED to do.  I do not propose it to be an EASY adventure that is why I designed this community.  In this community  we will SPEAK LIFE into each other and change the world within us FIRST in order to change the world around us.

I cannot wait to help you learn about what was created INSIDE of you, it’s already there, it’s time to wake it up, bring into LIFE, and LIVE the LIFE that God calls us to.

Blessed to be a blessing.

Sincerely, Ira McNamara